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Welcome to City Accent Coaching 

Private Online

American Accent and English Pronunciation Training

For Actors,

 Business & Medical Professionals

and Students

 American English Pronunciation

Perfect for Business, Tech, Medical Professionals and University Students who want to gain clarity in their speech.  

a general american accent

Perfect for our actors who want to learn a General American Accent or receive direct feedback on their reels and  sides. 

Gain COnfidence
in public speaking

Captivate your audience with clear, fluent and natural sounding speech so you can lead with confience.

Be UNderstood the first time you engage your audience

Expeirence less interruptions from your listeners to repeat yourself. Less frustration. More successful interactions. 

Hi. I'm Amanda, Los Angeles-Based
American Accent Coach and
Speech-Language Pathologist. 

As an American Accent Coach to actors, students and business professionals, my passion is to help individuals across the world achieve their most confident and clear speech so they can be easily understood  by their listeners and lead effectively. 

Amanda Matloff, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Accent and Pronunciation Coach


Pay as you go. No commitment. See improvements quickly.

Learn American English pronunciation,  intonation & melody,  rhythm,  word & sentence stress and connection.

Clients are e-mailed audio and practice files after every lesson to master their new skills.

Morning, evening and weekend lessons available

Receive  feedback and coaching directly on   audition sides & reels,

job-related presentations and prepared speeches.

Begin to make progress after every session.  See results in 6-12 weeks.  Take lessons 1-2x/week.

 25-Minute or 50-Minute Lessons are available


25- Minute Lessons: $57.50 Each
50-Minute Lessons: $115.00 Each


Video Conference

Step 1:
Get Started with a Complimentary
15 minute 
Accent Consultation.

Price: Free

Interested in becoming a client? At City Accent Coaching, we believe that everyone should be able to communicate clearly and effectively. Our free accent consultation is the perfect way to get started! During your video consultation, we will discuss your goals for acquiring an American accent and improving your English pronunciation skills. 


Accent and Pronunciation training is not only for professionals in all industries including acting, business, technology, and medical, but for university students of all programs.


Schedule your free accent consultation today!

Video Consultation

Step 2: 
Schedule a 50- Minute
Accent and Pronunciation Evaluation   

Price: $115.00

An assessment and inventory of your speech is conducted during your accent evaluation. This may include an analysis of your production of all English consonants and vowels, assessment of syllable and sentence stress, intonation, rate of speech and overall melody. Both conversational and reading tasks are used.This assessment is an excellent time to discuss your communication goals, and receive feedback in areas for potential training and lessons. After your assessment, if you decide you wish to proceed with accent coaching, you are ready to begin your 25 or 50-minute private lessons held via Zoom.

Open Laptop

Step 3:
Attend Weekly
25 or 50-Minute Lessons at a Time Convenient for You, via Zoom 

Price: $57.50-$115.00


While some clients attend weekly lessons focusing on developing their speech and pronunciation skills, other clients may choose to schedule lessons only as needed, before a big presentation, public speaking event, or when preparing for an audition  (i.e. our Actors).

Sessions are tailored to your needs, and may include all or some of the following elements: American English pronunciation instruction, training in intonation patterns and word stress and learning to link words for more fluent, natural speech. We cover public speaking skills and rate of speech. Our clients enjoy bringing their presentations or acting sides to the lessons for functional practice. Receive audio and practice worksheets after every lesson to continue mastering your new skills.

Be Understood. Feel Empowered. 

What are some reasons clients want to modify their speech and accent?


  • Lecturers & business professionals experience frustration when they are not understood by their colleagues.  

  • Doctors and medical workers want to deliver medical information without the interruption of repeating themselves.

  • Actors may need to portray a character speaking in a General American Accent.  

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